Absolute quality control

Balazs provides accurate, timely analytical services to the semiconductor, disk drive, pharmaceutical,  power, aeronautic, automotive and other industries. We analyze ultra pure water, source water and chemicals; equipment and components; thin films and bare wafers; wet stations; and anything in the cleanroom including gases and the air. We test for trace level metals, ions, particles and organics.  Balazs is committed to absolute quality control of processes and products.

As a part of the Air Liquide Group, our global presence (130 subsidiaries in more than 70 countries with 4 dedicated laboratories serving customers worldwide ) allows us to combine the resources and expertise of a global enterprise with a powerful local presence based on independent customer-focused teams.

Air Liquide's financial results illustrate the Group’s long-term commitment to creating value and growth. For Balazs and our customers, it provides assurance that we will continue to be able to be a leader in the analytical services field.

Air Liquide's commitment to technology and innovation has kept it at the forefront of the high-tech business for more than 100 years. In 2001, Air Liquide acquired Balazs as a strategic component for the Group. The Group's objective is, and has always been, to fulfill customers’ needs while enhancing our expertise and competitiveness. The result is relentless pursuit of innovative solutions that improve customers’ industrial performance and protect the environment.

Comprehensive analytical services

Our core business is to support developing technologies through research and development of analytical techniques and knowledge. Balazs' research experts work with clients to:

  • Identify contamination  and its source
  • Develop methods to improve contamination detection limits
  • Master analytical equipment and  tools to optimize performance
  • Develop new chemistries for production use
  • Provide accurate, repeatable test results

Research and Development

Finding analytical solutions to support leading-edge process developments and resolve manufacturing issues has been the foundation of Balazs' strategy since its creation. This history of innovation explains why Balazs remains on the cutting edge in all areas of its activities.

Balazs supports technolgy development by investing time and resources to help our customers reach the next technology node, increase production yields or any other analytical requirement.

Projects may be initiated by customers, industry, internal requests or pending government regulations. Some of the industry groups we support include:

Balazs laboratories are located in Fremont, CA, Dallas, TX, Taichung, Taiwan and Crolles, France.