Founded in 1975, Balazs provides analytical services for semiconductor and other high-tech industries concerned about contamination. With a culture committed to absolute quality of processes and scientific research, Balazs was a strategic acquisition for Air Liquide in 2001 to continue its growth and extended knowledge-base.

Key Dates

1975- Marjorie K. Balazs open Balazs
1985- Balazs ultrapure water guidelines are adopted by SEMI
1997- Air Liquide acquires analytical services from Texas Instruments
2001- Air Liquide acquires Balazs Analytical Laboratory
2004- Air Liquide acquires Analytical Services Group
2009- Balazs becomes Balazs NanoAnalysis

Marjorie K. Balazs founded Balazs Analytical Laboratory™ in 1975. Balazs Analytical Laboratory soon became known worldwide for work in high purity water, chemicals, thin and thick films, and micro-contamination problem solving.
In 1985, Balazs' pure water specifications were adopted by SEMI and became the semiconductor industry standard. Since then, Balazs Analytical Laboratory has been recognized for maintaining high standards and contributing technology to the semiconductor industry.
In July, 2001, Air Liquide acquired Balazs Analytical Laboratory, combining both companies’ analytical laboratory services to expand its offer to the semiconductor industry. Balazs’ ultra-trace water analysis capability complemented Air Liquide 's existing ultra-trace chemical analysis capability and established a new technological leader.
The new business unit, Balazs Analytical Services, is headquartered in Fremont, CA with additional facilities in Dallas, TX and Corbeil, France.
In 2004, Air Liquide acquired Analytical Service Group in order to strengthen Balazs' know-how on surface, organic and inorganic analyses, testing of packaging materials, thermal analyses of polymers and extensive wafer analyses. Dr. Hugh Gotts, owner of ASG brings over 20 years of microcontamination expertise and is a leading expert on organic and polymer analyses using vibrational spectroscopy such as Raman and FTIR (Fourier-Transform Infrared spectroscopy).
Air Liquide Electronics U.S. LP, part of the Air Liquide Group,  maintains a global organization with more than 50 onsite Total Gas and Chemical Management centers complemented by dedicated research and development facilities in the United States, Japan and Europe that are responsible for more than 5,000 active patents.