A. Soulet, L. Duquesne, G. Jursich & R. Inman, A. Misra, N. Blasco, C. Lachaud, Y. Marot, R. Prunier & M. Vautier: Air Liquide - S. Anderson, P. Clancy & M. Havlicek: Air Liquide – Balazs
Semiconductor Fabtech
27th Edition
Selecting a precursor for gate oxide deposition requires extensive characterization of targeted molecules. Critical analytical parameters for MOCVD and ALD precursors, like vapor pressure, thermal stability, and metallic contamination are presented and results discussed herein for the most promising Hf precursors currently under investigation: Tetrakis(ethylme thylamino)hafnium (TEMAH), tetrakis (dimethylamino)hafnium (TDMAH), tetrakis(diethylaminohafnium) (TDEAH), tetrakis(tertbutoxy)hafnium (HTB) and hafnium tetrachloride(HfCl4). In this article, we show how these characterizations help in preventing precursors’ degradation, identifying gas-phase species and defining process windows and distribution parameters. Read more