clean room
Balazs NanoAnalysis is recognized as a world leader in cleanroom contamination control and reduction. Balazs participates in ITRS committees and offer its expertise to advance cleanroom materials and technologies. Balazs remains at the leading edge through innovative methodology development for lower detection limits.
Cleanroom Evaluation


  • Organics
  • Metals
  • Anions
  • Cations
  • Particles
  • Dopants

Sample Types and Techniques

Cleanroom Surfaces and Equipment Contamination

  • Wipe analysis for trace metals by ICP-MS, anions by ion chromatography and organics by FTIR

Material and Components Analyses

  • In-instrument outgassing by dynamic headspace gas chromatography mass spectroscopy (DHS GC-MS) 
  • Off-line room temperature 40% RH air outgassing by GC-MS
  • Off-line selected temperature outgassing by GC-MS
  • IDEMA semi-quantitative DHS-TD-GC-MS Outgassing M11-99

Cleanroom Air Analysis and Witness Wafers

  • Trace metals in air and on witness wafers
  • Dopants in air and on witness wafers (B, P, As, Sb)
  • Acids and bases in air (including ammonium and amines)
  • Organics in air and on witness wafers
  • Balazs also offers SEMI F21-1102 analysis for classification of molecular acids, bases, condensables and dopants

Application Notes