Balazs NanoAnalysis offers analytical characterization of wafers that is the building block of many device technologies. Our experience extends to depth profiling of engineered substrates such as strained silicon, SOI, specific multiple layer epi structures and graded layers. Balazs offers surface sensitive techniques for front end processing (FEP) wafer cleanliness and surface preparation evaluation - both are key prerequisites for high yield device production.

Sample Types

  • Production wafer - 450 mm or smaller
    • Bare 
    • Oxide 
    • BPSG 
    • SiN 
    • GaAs 
    • Other
  • Ion implantation
  • Thermal annealing furnace

Analyses Provided

  • Trace metals
  • Dopants
  • Organics
  • Ionic haze
  • Particle deposition
  • Defect density
  • Surface roughness
  • Evaluation of Ra for thin film materials prior to and after processing (includes chemical and physical etching)
  • Grain size and shape


  • Surface profiles of thin film and thick coatings
  • Metrology of semiconductor devices, LED’s and PV thin films
  • Surface finish of glass and metal substrates
  • Materials evaluation
  • Quality control


  • Vapor phase decomposition inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (VPD ICP-MS)
  • Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF)
  • Drop scan etch (DSE) ICP-MS
  • Thermal desorption gas chromatography (TD GC-MS)
  • Atomic force microscope (AFM)
  • Particle deposition
  • Etch pit density determination

Application Notes